A few questions to FanTaSy before the Blizzcon


Only one day away from the WCS Global Finals, we took the time to ask FanTaSy a few questions about his preparation and his achievements in 2015.

Hello FanTaSy! First of all, how are you feeling now about the upcoming Blizzcon?

Hi! Well, I’m proud and happy that I managed to qualify on the last minute as my goal for this year was to get to Blizzcon. It is the last tournament of the year so I am putting a lot of effort in it.

You managed to qualify thanks to your win in the tie-breaker match against HyuN. How did you cope with the pressure around this series and what was your general strategy before going into the game?

First of all, I was really depressed that I didn’t do well in Dreamhack but fortunately I got another chance to shine. Because I practiced and prepared the match step by step, there wasn’t great pressure on me.


dPix.FanTaSy (courtesy Fomôs).

herO will be your first opponent at the Blizzcon. He was very successful this year, winning the IEM San Jose and the SSL season 3, among others. How do you see yourself doing against him and how are you preparing yourself for the match?

At first, I was worried, but the more I practiced the more confident I became. Currently, I’m practicing with Protoss players such as my teammate Patience. I believe in myself and I’m sure that I will get a great result in the match against herO.

2015 has been quite intense for you, as you travelled to many tournaments. How did you like it and how did it influence your play?

It was a great opportunity for me as I made my first trips to Europe. Big thanks to Dead Pixels for giving me these opportunities. I participated in many tournaments and built up my experience. This made me feel more motivated, which helped me getting good results.

In between tournament, you spent quite some time in Lausanne, Switzerland (the Dead Pixel’s HQ). What do you think about the place and Switzerland in general? How different is it from South Korea?

Lausanne has beautiful scenery and the streets are very clean. I envy those people from Switzerland who live more peacefully than Koreans. There was nothing to complain about while I was spending time in Lausanne, everything was just awesome!

What is your best memory of 2015 so far and why?

A little while ago, I was in Copenhagen to participate to the Copenhagen Games. I had some spare time, so I went sightseeing and shopping. At that time, I felt really happy and relaxed. Also, I personally felt satisfied with my decision of joining Dead Pixels.


dPix.Patience, Smix and dPix.FanTaSy at the DreamHack Valencia, Spain (courtesy aAa).

I guess that you are saving Legacy of the Void until after the Blizzcon, but did you already try playing the game? How do you like it so far?

I played LotV several times and I found it quite different from HotS. It’s interesting and seems like a lot of fun. I really hope that LotV will prosper, unlike HotS…

Thank you very much for your time FanTaSy, best of luck for the Blizzcon! Any last words for your fans? Or for anybody else ?

Although leaving SKT was a big challenge for me, I achieved my goal for this year because my fans have been cheering for me all the time. In particular, big thanks to Dead Pixels’ team managers for the support. Everything was possible because of the best team in the world, DEAD PIXELS! Thank you for the interview!

In order to recap on FanTaSy’s year and to celebrate his achievements, we prepared a video which you can watch here!


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