A journey to Dreamhack Tours with Dead Pixels


As you know two weeks ago Dreamhack stopped in France for the first time. Dead Pixels being a Swiss team decided to send all there Korean players and also most members of the staff.
On Thursday 7th May we drove from Lausanne to Tours with our guests Hydra and Heart and our players Patience and TRUE.

On the road

After an 8 hour trip we finally arrived in Tours. FanTaSy was already there arriving directly from Seoul, because of the Kespa Cup he took part in Korea.

The next day we decided to go there a bit earlier to see how the event looks like. There we were able to meet a lot of great people, the Koreans could go talk to their friends. We enjoyed a meal together and the fans were able to talk to their favorite players and take some pictures.

The hostility began the afternoon after a late start, because of some spikes issues. Sadly our guests Hydra and Heart were eliminated on the road to the quarter final. As well as our Terran player FanTaSy, who was really disappointed not being able to go to the big stage the next day. About the Hyun incident it was more a lack of experience of this kind of tournament from FanTaSy and myself that made this go that way. As we say “Shit happens!”

TRUE and Patience were the last to play on Friday. TRUE could play earlier than Patience, because he wasn’t streamed live and he took a victory 2-1 over is friend Hydra. Sharing the same hotel room the fight went on very late that night. 😛
The last game was Patience against Sacsri, only a few people were left in the building. And after an intense last game, our Protoss player won 2-1. The good news was that we had two players in the quarter final, the bad news was that both our players had to face to each other the next day. And the biggest problem was that it was 1am and we didn’t ate anything for dinner. Luckily for us we found a small store who sold us some food and we ate peacefully in the park outside the Dreamhack, all together.

Like a hobo

The next day we had to wait until 6pm to watch our players face each other. But we weren’t disappointed by the games. Both tried to cheese each other, but at the end it was TRUE who won by the score of 3-1.

In the semi-final TRUE sadly broke down mentally and lost 3-0 against Gumiho.

Overall we are really proud of our players and the after party made them smile again anyway. 😀

Thanks to all the Dead Pixels fan for the support. The first title isn’t that far away.


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