A successful weekend


This weekend was a great weekend to be a Dead Pixels fan! In four countries and three different esports, Dead Pixels players had great results at DreamHack Austin, Telenorligaen, Birdie and Swiss Gaming Challenge.

26823394786_e9815961ef_oDreamHack Austin. Photo: Robert Paul

Both Swiss Elroye and Swedish Namshar flew over the Atlantic to compete at DreamHack Austin. After beating prominent players, Namshar managed to reach 5-8th place in the StarCraft II tournament. He’ll travel home to Sweden $2,000 and 300 WCS Circuit Points richer!

Another of our StarCraft II players, Norwegian Evire played the finals of Telenorligaen’s StarCraft II tournament. He managed to win the whole tournament, earning him NOK7,500.

The Hearthstone tournament at the Swedish LAN Birdie 26 was dominated by Dead Pixels players. The finals was played between TechnoGoose and ThatGuy, with ThatGuy crowned the winner after a 3-4 result. ThatGuy won items worth SEK20,000 and TechnoGoose also won various gaming gear. Throughout the tournament, only one Dead Pixels player, sAywe, was defeated, and it was his teammate TechnoGoose he lost to!

IMG_3883 (1)
Dead Pixels’ Hearthstone team. From left to right: TechnoGoose, sAywe, ThatGuy. 
Photo: Hedda Hillervik

In Switzerland, Swiss Gaming Challenge took place for the first time and our Dead Pixels team won the League of Legends tournament! Not only did they win various gaming gear, but they also won CHF1,000.

13147358_1118514908207832_1382343659560438589_oDead Pixels’ LoL team. From left to right: Lagyli, Leo, Talosin, Pride, Josh. Photo: Natascha Ackermann

We’re thrilled about Dead Pixels success this weekend and are looking forward to upcoming events such as DreamHack Summer 2016 and Castplay.


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