Announcing our CS:GO Dead Pixels Team


After a good start on the Starcraft 2 scene, Dead Pixels decided to extend on another game. Coming back on the front of the scene after a few years, we decided that it was time to have our own team on it. I’m of course talking about the FPS Counter-Strike. So let’s all welcome our new CS:GO Team.

Our team was known under the name “Subliminal” and is composed of:

  • Benjamin “waneG” Taquet, France (Leader)
  • Kylan “Kylan” Delcourt, France
  • David “KiRAZ” Lebrun, Belgium
  • Younes “YOUNS” Ait, Belgium
  • Paul “polox” Barbe, France

They play together for almost 3 month now and they keep getting better and better.

They already won several tournaments online and offline in France. We are proud that such young talented players decided to join our team. Expect to see them a lot at the next international tournaments.

They will start to play under our tag this week on the “ESEA”  tournament (more information on this website).

I hope you’re really excited to see how good they will perform, because we are hyped!

So go cheer for them and continue to support our players like you already do for our Starcraft 2 players.


  • Top5/6 CapArena 4
  • Top2 Ultimate 1
  • Top1 Ultimate 2
  • Top 5/8 Gamers Assembly Pro

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