Asus Rog Summer 2015 Tournament


Our three favorite korean players were invited at the Asus Rog Tournament in Finland.

They all started in a manageable group stage 1, but Patience stumbled on a foreigner on fire, called Guru. And had a hard time against BbongBBong and lost 2-1 and was then already eliminated early on. FanTaSy and TRUE passed pretty easily and they ended up in the same group at groupe stage 2.

Their battle was pretty epic and FanTaSy took the upper hand and won 2-1 against his teammate. At the end TRUE passed the group stage as well by beating Lilbow 2-0.

The next day things didn’t really go as planned, FanTaSy lost against BBongBBong 2-1 and TRUE lost against Hyun 2-0. At the end it was Losira who won 4-2 against PtitDrogo.

We hope our players will have a better run at Gamescom for Patience and FanTaSy and at Gfinity for TRUE.


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