Dead Pixels’ new CS:GO roster


Dead Pixels’ new CS:GO roster

Since the merger between Dead Pixels and Karnage, Dead Pixels’ CS:GO lineup has seen some changes. Today, we are happy to announce our new roster, consisting of both old and new names, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come for this Belgian-French mix! The players have previously been successful in various major and minor tournaments in their former teams throughout the years. The roster change marks the return of several former Dead Pixels players: Polox, YOUYOU (previously known as YOUNS) and davidp. This is what davidp had to say about his return:

“Today, I officially announce my return within Dead Pixels, I am proud to come back under this name and within a lineup that motivates me a lot.

Two weeks ago, I received some offers, among those Dead Pixels’ one, the one which motivated me the most. Creating the new LDLC roster lead to a split of Younes’ LDLC.Blue, we decided together with polox and him to replay together, we were then in search of two players with the same goals as us to complete our roster. Having learnt that LoWkii left Platinium, we obviously made an offer to Lambert and Mistou to join us as they were the two guys who corresponded the most with what we were looking for.

Unfortunately, that means that I’m leaving my former teammates SCARA, NpK, liptoN and AlluM3tt3, I’d like to thank them for the warm welcome and for the time they spent with me, my time with them was brief, but I’ll remember a lot of good things from these players and I wish them the best for the future, some of these players are really talented and I’m sure people will talk about them.

Finally, I’d like to thank Dead Pixels for their trust, we now have all the cards in our hands for our future, now it’s time to play and prove what we are capable of.”

David “davidp” Prins


The CS:GO team is currently competing in Underdogs Season 3, where we wish them the best of luck! Moreover, the team aims toward qualifying for DreamHack Tours in May.


Dead Pixels’ CS:GO lineup:

Fr Lambert “Lambert” Prigent – Team captain

Be Younes “YOUYOU” Ait-lalla

Fr Valentin “Mistou” Balbastro

Fr Paul “Polox” Barbe

Be David “davidp” Prins


Fr Stan “Stansenn” de Lespinay – Coach

Fr David “DAYVZ” Ly – CS:GO manager


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