Dead Pixels recruit Scarlett and FeaR



In March, Dead Pixels had to part ways with Patience and the StarCraft II roster has remained unchanged since then. Today, we are happy to announce the addition of two new players to the team, Scarlett and FeaR!

Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn is a Canadian StarCraft II player that hardly needs an introduction. Since her debut in 2011 she’s been one of the best North American Zerg players, winning 2012 North American Championship, MLG GameOn Invitational and 2014 Red Bull Battle Grounds: North America. Scarlett has also placed in the top four in several premier tournaments such as 2013 WCS Season 2 America (3-4th), 2014 ASUS ROG: NorthCon (2nd) and 2014 MLG Anaheim (4th). Scarlett has developed an entertaining play style and has become one of the biggest fan favorites in the forei gn scene. Scarlett currently lives in South Korea, where she will continue to live and practice.

Since Dead Pixels and Patience had to part ways in March, our teams’ SC2 lineup has consisted of nothing but European players. We are very happy to include Scarlett and North America into our international roster!



Hey everyone ! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a team after Team Acer disbanded so it’s nice to be back on one;

It took me a while to decide exactly what I wanted from a team and from sc2, and my main focus from now (well from a couple months ago really) will be competing in Korea, no matter how difficult it may be. Dead Pixels was happy to assist me in this, so I’m very glad to be joining them, and hope to achieve some good tournament performances this year!





Our second new addition to the team is former AT Gaming player Richard “FeaR” Au from Germany. This talented 16-year-old Protoss player has competed in various online tournaments and team leagues and has proven that he’s a force to be reckoned with, despite his young age. FeaR only had minor online results until today, but we trust in his skill and ability to improve and we are confident that he will have his breakout performance under our banner.


I am happy that I am able to take such a great opportunity and I hope to represent dPix well in the future! It has given me a lot of Motivation and I am eager to break out into the international scene and make dPix proud!

– FeaR


After it has been quiet around the Dead Pixels starcraft 2 roster as of late i am now excited to

break the silence with a bang! I’m confident that the pick-ups of Scarlett and FeaR will significantly strengthen our team and that everyone involved will grow bigger and stronger. With Scarlett we bring lots of experience to the team whereas FeaR offers some young and fresh air for everyone to benefit from. These pick-ups prove that we will continue supporting Starcraft 2 because we believe it is a beautiful and entertaining game that is far from dying. While we already have a sizeable roster it does not mean that we are going to stop looking into picking up suitable fits for the team. Watch out for the dPix-tag in upcoming online and offline events!

-Marc Stiebe, Head of Esports


We welcome Scarlett and FeaR with open arms and we are looking forward to their upcoming streams and tournaments.


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