DreamHack Valencia: review


The whole Dead Pixels StarCraft II team just returned from Valencia, Spain, after having taken part to the second stop of the DreamHack Open series. After the Tours tournament, the players were hungry for victory and achieved impressive results.

As Patience, TRUE and FanTaSy were seeded, they did not need to take part in the first group stage. Only Majestic and Elroye had to go through it, and they managed it very well by finishing first of their respective pools. Elroye had another Swiss in his group, in the name of PengWin, from mYinsanity. Our player took the win 2-0, but fortunately our Swiss friend made it as well, finishing second of the group.

The second group was much harder and both Majestic and Elroye failed to qualify for the rest of the competition. Still, we are happy of their results and look forward to their next performances.

dPix.Patience getting ready for his match.

dPix.Patience getting ready for his match.

From the ro32, all our Korean players managed to reach the ro8! Wow, quite an achievement :). Given this high figure, the teamkill HAD to come. In his quarter-final, Patience defeated FanTaSy in a close series, 3-2. He then lost on the same score versus Curious.

On his side, TRUE won his quarter vs HerO (ZvP, 3-1) and his semi versus HyuN (ZvZ, 3-0). Unfortunately, he then lost the final confrontation versus Curious, who took the championship, 3-0. Congratulations to him! Still, we are very proud of TRUE, who achieved his best DreamHack result after having reached the top 4 regularly.

Thank you for all supporting the team!

2nd  – dPix True

3rd/4th – dPix.Patience

5th/8th – dPix.FanTaSy


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