DreamHack Open Winter 2014 review


Last weekend, our two players dPix.TRUE and dPix.Patience defended the team banner at the DreamHack Open Winter, one of the last important tournaments of the year, which took place in Jönköping, Sweden.

The task promised to be very challenging for TRUE, who had to play versus the following opponents: First, Jaedong, HerO and Sascri. His first BO3 (vs Jaedong) probably messed up with TRUE’s confidence as the EG player went twice for early pools, 0-2. TRUE then lost in a close series versus First, but the hope came back after the victory of the Dead Pixels player versus mYi.Sascri. Unfortunately, this did last long as Hero then defeated the zerg 2-0. TRUE ended up 4th of his pool (out of 5) and was thus unable to qualify into playoffs.

Patience also had a tough group, having to play two other Protoss players. He did well at this exercise, beating both MC and StarDust. He unfortunately lost to Solar (1-2) and ForGG (0-2) but still managed to end up second of the pool. In the playoffs, Patience unfortunately lost 1-3 to MMA, after having taken the first game.

All in all, this was a great experience for the players, although they did not perform as well as they expected to. They still showed some very nice play, which make us think that 2015 will be a great year for them and Dead Pixels! Not to mention that 2014 is not yet over, as TRUE will be playing the IEMs in San Jose.

Last but not least, let us give a big shout out to ForGG, which simply proved to be above everyone this weekend. He destroyed all his opponents, not to mention that one of them was Life, twice! GG Millenium and ForGG!


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