Dremhack Stockholm and Gfinity


Our Starcraft players were again on the road this week-end.

TRUE, FanTaSy and Elroye were at Dreamhack, while Patience was at Gfinity.

Dreamhack was really important for FanTaSy because he needed the points to go to Blizzcon.

His main opponent, for the race to Blizzcon was SKT1 Dark, lucky for him Dark lost at the same stage of the competition as FanTaSy. But FanTaSy didn’t expect that Hyun actually could take his place at Blizzcon if he won the tournament. FanTaSy was stopped by this exact same person in the round of 16. Luckily for him Hyun was stopped at the final and lost against Solar 3-1.

FanTaSy and Hyun have now the same amount of points and will have to compete against each other in a decider match to know who is going to fight at Blizzcon against the 15 best players in the world.

TRUE also had a good run until he was stopped by Rain at the round of 16.

The surprise came from our swiss player Elroye, he first qualfied as first seed at the first group stage and then almost beat Hyun at the second group stage. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to beat Mizsu to go to playoffs but still a great run.

For Patience at Gfinity it was a bit of a surprise. He lost 2-0 against the french player PsiOniC. We hope that he will do better next time.

Show your support to FanTaSy and let all wish him good look for Blizzcon.


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