From cold to hot for dPix.TRUE



TRUE qualified for the group stage at the IEM beating all of his opponents by the score of 2-1. He has been seeded in group A with Rain, Snute and HuK.

Tune in tonight at 10pm to see our zerg player go further on in the tournament.


After his journey at the DreamHack tournament, where he unfortunately lost in the group stage, our Korean zerg player is already on the move to San José, like a real globetrotter.

Trading his thick winter jacket against some t-shirts and shorts he will be participating at the IEM San José, the 3th-7th December. Ending up in the bracket B, he will be facing the terran player TOP from the team “Invasion esport”.

Many renowned players will be at the tournament including the freshly crowned terran ForGG who just won the DreamHack Winter Final.

We hope you will all tune in on Wednesday to support TRUE !


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