Get to know Cédrus, our Hearthstone player!


Even though we, as Dead Pixels, are quite focused on StarCraft II for now, we do not forget other games, especially when they are as good and interesting eSport-wise as Hearthstone! Today, meet our first player in the roster, Cédrus!

Dead Pixels: Hiho, can you please say a few words about yourself, for those who do not know you yet?

Cédrus: Of course!  My name is Waldo “Cédrus” Agudelo, currently 22 years old. I started playing at the age of 15, mostly WoW (for about 6 years, where I served in a good French guild). I now play Hearthstone since a year and a half. I started during the first week of the closed beta and quickly joined the team Golden Gaming, which became later the JudgeHype team. Then, I joined the Hearthcup structure, with whom we won the biggest French/international team competition, the SuperBrawlClanWars. We disbanded a few months later. After this I became part of the Dead Pixels family. What I like about Hearthstone is the WarCraft universe, which I obviously got to know quite well through WoW. I also got an early access which allowed me to participate to the first tournaments (ESL FR/EU cups, MLG Managrind, etc), which was a strong source of motivation for the game.

Dead Pixels: To which competition did you participate already? What was your favorite tournament?

Cédrus: I participated to almost all European online tournaments. I also took part in many offline events, mostly in France (MadLan 1 & 2, and also the Gamers Origin Cup #2, my best performance up to date, top 8 out of 450 players). Of course, one of my best memories is the IesF World Championship event in Azerbaijan. That was a pretty neat experience. Generally, I love offline events because they allow me to meet a lot of people which I only know from the Internet.

Cedrus representing Switzerland in Baku at the IeSF 2014 World Championship

Cedrus representing Switzerland in Baku at the IeSF 2014 World Championship

Dead Pixels: What are your first thought about Hearthstone’s first expansion, which was just released?

Cédrus: I love it! It’s a long time that I didn’t enjoy playing the game that much! The new cards are cool. The metagame totally changed, which is nice because it was becoming slightly boring, Naxxramas excluded. Since the release of the extension, I am 100% focused on the game.

Dead Pixels: What do you plan for 2015?

Cédrus: No offline competitions scheduled for now, but many tournaments will be soon announced, so let’s see. On the online side, I will participate to the CupColyseum, which will start anytime soon.

Dead Pixels: Allright, we are looking forward to hearing about your amazing performances! I’ll leave the last word to you. Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Cédrus: Well, first of all thank you for the interview. I would also like to thank Dead Pixels for their support and trust. The team is doing a lot for me and I really appreciate it. On the competition side, count on me for training hard and become even stronger than before! I will also soon steam again! You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter, I will announce everything there.


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