IEM at Gamescom and Gfinity


The 5th to the 9th August was the IEM at Gamescom in Germany.

For the occasion we sent two of our players, FanTaSy and Patience.

Patience had to go all the way trough the open bracket, while FanTaSy could relax due to the fact that he was invited. While FanTaSy brilliantly qualified at first place of his group, Patience struggled a bit more and finished at second place. Saddly what we feared happend, Patience and FanTaSy ended once again against each other.

And again they showed us a beautiful BO5 and this time FanTaSy took the upper hand.

In semi-final FanTaSy had to face soO who was also a close BO5 but at the end it was the Zerg player from SKT1 who won 3-2 against his former teammates.

During the same week-end our Zerg player TRUE was playing at Gfinity in London. He was stopped at the semi-final where he was beaten by First 3-0.


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