IEM San José 2014 Review


The 6th and 7th December the IEM took place in San José. The qualification and the first round of each group had been played the third and fourth December.

TRUE started playing on Wednesday on the open bracket. Despite the jetlag he brilliantly qualified by beating TOP, Harstem and Revival by the score of 2-1. He was then seeded in the group A with Snute, Rain and HuK.

On Thursday he played his first match against Snute and won rapidly by the score of 2-0. He could now rest the whole Friday and prepare himself to face Rain to go to the next round.

On Saturday TRUE played on the big stage and made really wonderful moves against Rain using the Queens, despite his good performance he lost 1-2. He still had a chance to qualify for the Quarterfinals by facing Snute again, who won against HuK.

But sadly it wasn’t the same TRUE we saw on Thursday and he lost 0-2 against the foreigner Snute.

At the end it’s herO who won the tournament after an intense bo7 against Rain which ended by the score of 4-3.

Congratulation to him!


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