Intense two weeks for our Korean players


This next two weeks the Korean Starcraft 2 players will have to travel a lot and participate in many tournaments and events.

Let’s start with FanTaSy.

He will be playing GSL code S group stage on the first of May. In his group he will be facing Rogue, Trust and soO.
Then from the 3th to the 5th May he will be playing the Kespa Cup where he will be facing Zest in a BO5 in the round of 16.
After that he will hurry up and do his luggage to come to Europe for the third time this year. He will go to Paris and from there take the train to go to Tours, France where the next Dreamhack will take place.

What about TRUE ?

Currently in Switzerland for the last 4 weeks, he will go to London, on the 30th April, to participate at the Gfinity tournament. After the tournament he will come back to Switzerland for a short time to participate at the Legends Battle, which is organised by his own team. (More information about it on our website)
On the 7th May he will then leave Switzerland to go join FanTaSy at the Dreamhack in France.

And Patience in all that ?

He will go to London this week-end as well where he will be joined by TRUE. After the tournament they will both come back to Switzerland with Heart and Hydra in there luggage. On May the 4th Heart, Hydra, TRUE and Patience will be playing against each other at the Legends Bar in Lausanne, Switzerland. After two days of rest in our beautiful country they will go join FanTaSy and all the other awesome Starcraft 2 players at Dreamhack Tours.

We wish them all good luck and hope they will perform very well at all these tournaments.

With love, the Dead Pixels Team <3


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