Kespa Cup and SC2ITL, next stop Dreamhack Valencia !


On Monday July 6th was the Kespa Cup Season 2 where the best players of the world took part at.
We were very proud to have to players who were being able to qualify for it.

FanTaSy was the first one to play, out of our 2 players, he had to play against an old acquaintance which was SKT1.Dark. Even after FanTaSy took the lead 2-1, he unfortunately couldn’t win one of the two next games and had to GG this one.
We had to wait until Saturday July 11th to see TRUE play against Dream. TRUE started by winning the first map but then lost the next three maps.


Both players were eliminated early on, but we are pretty happy with their performance.

On July 13th, was the final of the SC2 Improve Team League. We were associate with Dignitas and together we were able to make it to the final and we had to face Team Liquid.
We played against them at group stage and Patience all-killed them, so they were seaking for revenge. And they got their revenge, Dignitas and Dead Pixels weren’t strong enough to beat them and we lost 4-2. Still a great run for us and we are looking forward for next season.

Tomorrow on July 16th will be Dreamhack Valencia and all our Starcraft 2 players will be there, so tune in to watch them and cheer for them. We wish them all the best for this tournament and we are sure they will all have great results.


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