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With the last recruitment campaign, Dead Pixels starts to look much more international. Among our community you can now find Koreans, Frenchies, Spaniards and of course some Swiss dudes. We love cultural diversity so much that when we realized that we needed a proper caster/video maker, we decided to look for another nationality. Of course, not to mention the fact that we absolutely suck at English and that we don’t want you to ear-bleed while listening to our casts.

We have now found the gem which will perfectly fit in the current organization. Ladies and gentlemen, please joins us in welcoming Robert “dPix.Pughy” Pugh to the crew!

Pughy is well known within the StarCraft community. First as a talented caster, but also as a solid player. He recently got involved into Gfinity’s operations, for which he casted the two Spring Masters offline competitions. Get to know Pughy through this little interview!

Could you introduce yourself?

So I’m Pughy, I’m mainly known within the SC2 community as a online commentator for tournaments and qualifiers which many people have watched over the last few years. More recently I joined Gfinity and am currently the head of StarCraft 2 for the events and tournaments we host. I’ve also been known to dabble in content making like tutorials for players to learn from.

At what age did you start to play video games?

I got my first console around 1992 I think so I would have been around 5 years old. I started competitive video games in 2002 with a game called America’s Army which I played for a number of years. After around 2007 I became much more casual and played Halo/CoD on the xbox 360 up until of course I saw StarCraft 2 and I’ve been addicted to it since.

Which was your first video game?

I couldn’t really say the actual first game I ever played, first game I ever fell in love with would be the original Command & Conquer on Nintendo 64 which came out in 1995.

When did you start playing SC2?

Wings of Liberty Beta phase 2. During beta phase 1 my PC was really bad and couldn’t actually run StarCraft 2 then with phase 2 which was just a week long phase before release the game was optimized much better and my PC could handle it.

Why and when have you decided to become a professional caster?

Wasn’t something I exactly decided to do, it takes a lot of time and effort to get any sort of following and it’s not something you just plan. It’s always something you’d want to happen but that doesn’t mean it’s a realistic choice. Though as I got more popular and made more friends/connections I managed to get paid jobs as well as commentating which allowed me to support myself and when Gfinity offered me a position that’s when I would say I went full professional.

What motivated you to join DeadPixels?

A few things, I’ve been speaking with Moutz (Dead Pixels’ owner) for a couple months as a few Dead Pixel players have attended Gfinity and I personally thought he was really cool and loved his passion. The players are also fantastic (as I got to meet TRUE and FanTaSy at Gfinity event #1) which is a big motivator for me as I wanted to be on a team/org with multiple StarCraft players.

What will you do for DeadPixels?

Bit of everything, we have some un-announced plans coming out soon which I’ll help with. I’ve also created the Dead Pixels Twitch Team so all the players can be a part of that and can be easier to find. Of course I’ll mingle with the players and help them out if needed and whatever else. I’m sure as Dead Pixels grows there’ll be more things for me to do.

Do you cast other games than SC2?

I do not, considered maybe dabbing in CS:GO as I’m a very old school FPS player but I believe I could improve more as a commentator in StarCraft and that should be my priority.

What do you know about Switzerland?

It’s expensive.

What are your objectives for 2015?

For the most part of 2015 it’s to make sure Gfinity Masters run as smoothly as possible, as for myself I’d like to maybe visit a foreign event and cast a bit more. I’ve sadly casted a very small amount this year and that needs to be improved.



We are very happy to have Pughy onboard and look forward to providing you with top quality content featuring our flagship players!

You can follow Pughy on Twitter & Twitch.


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