New CS:GO team!



The organisation of Dead Pixels is happy to announce the recruitment of the Swedish CS:GO team of Strömbäcks Folkhögskola. Strömbäcks Folkhögskola offers a one year education in esports, meaning that the team study together, live together and play together! Dead Pixels are very happy about reentering the scene of CS:GO, and we hope that our newly recruited team will grow as much as the CS:GO scene has for the last couple of years. Our ambition is to have the team play with the big boys in a near future. The team is currently competing at Rendezvous LAN in Skövde, Sweden, and we wish the team best of luck in their first tournament representing Dead Pixels!

zirken“Today is a big day for us. Today we take a new step to our gloriou and goals under the deadpixels banner. We are really proud to represent deadpixels, and we want to thank them for the opportunity they are giving us. 5 guys living together and trying our hardest to become one of the greatest teams out there, deadpixels can help us to become better and better with the support they are giving us. We are really exided and motivated to show what we are capable of !
– Arseny “zirken” Lysenko”


SeOscar “arken” Tjernlund

SeAlex “avm” von Malmborg

SeDavid “schuster” Schuster

SeAlexander “WLTR” Walter

SeArseny “zirken” Lysenko


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