No more Hearthstone (for now)


Dead Pixels is sad to announce that our two Hearthstone players William “sAywe” Wessman and Johann “TechnoGoose” Biörck will be leaving the organisation. The two Swedes have represented us at several events around Europe since they joined the team, including Insomnia 58, where sAywe came in fourth in the Redemption Cup tournament, and Copenhagen Games 2016, where TechnoGoose brought home the silver! With sAywe and TechnoGoose leaving, and Adam “ThatGuy” Peleback leaving earlier this year, Dead Pixels is without a Hearthstone team, for now, which makes it possible for us to focus on our other teams.

“We would like to thank Dead Pixels for the opportunity we got. With an organisation behind us, we managed to achieve things we would not have been able to otherwise. Thanks to Dead Pixels, we have been able to travel to countries and events we wouldn’t have gone to otherwise.”

– William “sAywe” Wessman

We wish sAywe and TechnoGoose the best of luck in the future.


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