Road to IEM Katowice with FanTaSy


FanTaSy flew for the first time in his life to Europe to visit Switzerland and to play the IEM European qualifier. He arrived thursday 19th february at Geneva Airport. His teammate Elroye was waiting for him at the airport and then put him on the train to go to Lausanne where the rest of the Dead Pixels Team welcomed him. We brought him to the gaming house so he could start to practice. After discovering different Swiss food, playing babyfoot with his team and partying in Geneva with Elroye on Friday and Saturday night with also a bit of sightseeing he started to take on the european ladder by making his way through the Grand Master League and establishing a winning streak of 58 games in a row.

Finally the moment of truth arrived on Tuesday. First good news, our Protoss player Patience qualified  on Asian qualifier at the IEM. Then it was FanTaSy’s turn. He played just perfectly against his opponents until he arrived in semi-final against Snute where he struggled a bit, but still won 3-2. It was midnight and we started to celebrate by eating something and drinking a bit. 😀

He’s flight was at 6am in the morning so FanTaSy decided not to sleep and watched some korean tv show and also watched the replays against Snute. After a long night, two of our staff members brought him to the airport, where he finally could sleep on his way home to Korea with full of good memories, lots of swiss chocolate in his suitecase and a qualification for the IEM Katowice.

Big GG to both of our players, Patience and FanTaSy, for qualifying. Big thanks to FanTaSy for coming to Switzerland and having so much fun with us.

See you in one week at the IEM Katowice.

Dpix fighting ! <3


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