Name Eloi Quach
Country Switzerland
Nickname Elroye
Age 18 (27.02.1996)
Race Zerg
Twitter @dPixElroye
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Elroyesc2
Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/elroye


Elroye is the Swiss addition to the team, in the middle of our Korean army. Despite his natural love for cheeses of all kind, he can be described as a very macro-oriented player.

Eloi started playing StarCraft II when Wings of Liberty came out, and quickly showed impressive results. He won the Wesports # 6 LAN in Switzerland, beating off biGs, at the time largely recognized as the best Swiss player.

After having reached the GrandMaster league on the EU server, Elroye joined the French team BLAST, which put him at the front of the French StarCraft II scene. In 2013, after a brief time in the Alt-Tab structure, he joined Nuit Blanche, where he played the Pandaria league among other French competitions.

On the 7th of September 2014, Elroye announced that he was leaving Nuit Blanche. Shortly after, he announced having joined Dead Pixels.

Elroye plays besides his study in a Swiss high school. No doubt that his new team mates will strongly support him to become one of the best foreigners of the StarCraft II scene.


  • 1st Wesports # 6 (2012)