Name JUNG Myung Hun
Country South Korea
Nickname FanTaSy
Age 23 (01.07.1991)
Race Terran
Twitter @sc2Fantasy


FanTaSy is a professional gamer since many years. Before starting StarCraft II, he was unanimously recognized as one of the best Terran players of the Broodwar scene.

During Wings of Liberty, FanTaSy made several apperances on the GSL code A, obtaining interesting results but lacking a bit of regularity to perform consistently. He then managed to qualify for the first season of the WCS 2013 Korea Premier League. In 2014, FanTaSy reached code A several times. He also ended up at the 3rd place of the Connecting Professional Esports # 1 online tournament, defeating MC 3-2.

Teamwise, FanTaSy spent most of his career with SK Telecom T1, for which he also played the ProLeague. On September 2014, he officially announced that he was leaving SK. Shortly after, he joined Dead Pixels.

FanTaSy is a very original player, not afraid at all to use unorthodox methods to achieve his goals.


  • 3rd Connecting Professional Esports # 1 (2014)
  • 3rd – 6th ProLeague (with SK Telecom T1, 2014)