All good things must come to an end


Soon after the news of the merger between Dead Pixels and Karnage, we come to
a sad day.

Patience has made a great run in StarLeague Season 1, placing fourth and taking home $7,614 and 1800 WCS KR Points! In fact, Patience’s great run ended up with him not being able to apply for and receive a visa for Switzerland, hindering his planned move to Switzerland. With recent changes, making it impossible to have a Korean player as a foreign team without a visa for the player in question, and the fact that a solo player in Korea can only compete in Global StarCraft II League and StarLeague, Dead Pixels have made the decision together with Patience to have him play for another team, enabling him to participate in Proleague.

This is a very sad decision for both us and Patience, but we do not intend to hinder Patience in his professional career, and we wish Patience the best of luck in the future. We hope that Dead Pixels’ and Patience’s roads will cross again in the future!


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