Karnage eSports merges with Dead Pixels


Exciting news! Karnage eSports merges with Dead Pixels, and will take the name Dead Pixels. Dead Pixels will from now on consist of teams in StarCraft II, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Hearthstone and League of Legends.

Karnage eSports, originally a UK based organisation founded in 2004, has since its foundation moved its focus from the UK to the Nordic countries, mainly Finland, Norway and Sweden. 2015 ended in a great way for Karnage. StarCraft II player Namshar managed to qualify for DreamHack Leipzig, and Karnage’s StarCraft II team qualified for SC2Improve Team League S6! The young and talented Hearthstone team have managed to compete, and do well, in several tournaments during 2015.

Karnage 1

From left to right: Haspe, PuPu, Namshar and Calt

Dead Pixels is a Swiss organisation founded in 2014 by Laurent Missimi. Dead Pixels has a mainly European lineup, including a French CS:GO team and a Swiss LoL team, but their StarCraft II roster consists of players from South Korea, Spain and Switzerland. The end of 2015 has seen the SC2 player Elroye representing Switzerland in the StarCraft II World Championships as well as being only 1 map away from qualifying for Global StarCraft II League Code A. Patience reached the semis of DreamHack Open: Valencia, and he is currently in the top 8 of Starcraft 2 StarLeague Season 1 2016! Moreover, Dead Pixels’ CS:GO team qualified for ESWC 2015.

patience Patience

laurent“I’m very pleased that Karnage and Dead Pixels are now working together. The entire StarCraft II and Hearthstone lineup of Karnage is now added to our already existing lineups. We are also happy to welcome new managers, who are going to help us to manage our players in a more effective way. With the help from Karnage we will try to grow as a main esport organisation in Europe, and we will for sure be more present at European events and also be more up to date with news about our team. I’m sure that with our new managers and players we can only go forward in the development of our structure and the development of esports in general.”
– Laurent Missimi, founder and CEO of Dead Pixels

The merger of Karnage and Dead Pixels combines Karnage’s experience and Dead Pixels’ new ideas to help all players reach their full potential. Together the new Dead Pixels will strive towards creating a strong brand consisting of a successful esports team with a great team atmosphere. Dead Pixels will as of today consist of teams in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Hearthstone, League of Legends and StarCraft II.

Lineup after merger

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
Fr Steve “jarod” Cohen
Fr Paul “MAIDHEN” Moussajee
Fr Corentin “META” Lashermes
Fr Paul “Polox” Barbe
Fr Guillaume “TiduS” Trinh

Se William “sAywe” Wessman
Se Johann “TechnoGoose” Biörck
Se Adam “ThatGuy” Peleback

League of Legends
Ch Ali “Lagyli” Nasserzadeh
Ch Joshua “Josh” Lim
Ch Mahdi “Pride” Nasserzadeh
Ch Steffen “Talosin” Sinkwitz
Ch Leonel “Leo” Lopes

StarCraft II
Fi (1) Eetu “Calt” Laustela Ticon_small
Ch Eloi “Elroye” Quach Zicon_small
No Eirk “Evire” Stensbøl Picon_small
Fi (1) Jari “Haspe” Haapasaari Ticon_small
Pl Mikolaj “Jade” Andrzejak Picon_small
Es Miguel “Majestic” Juliá Rubio Picon_small
Se Christoffer “Namshar” Kolmodin Zicon_small
Kr Jo “Patience” Ji Hyun Picon_small
No Preben “Prebs” Johnsen Zicon_small
Fi (1) Benjamin “PuPu” Puha Zicon_small
Dk Thor “Thorminator” Bagge Zicon_small

Laurent Missimi CEO and Founder
Marc Stiebe Head of Esports
Cyril Dettwiler Financial Manager, LoL Team Manager
Robert Pugh Starcraft 2 Coordinator
Nicolas Meynet Marketing Manager
Ida Westerlund Social Media Manager

We’re very excited for what’s to come for Dead Pixels in 2016! Patience will continue his run in Starcraft 2 StarLeague Season 1 2016 and several of our players will travel to LANs all over Europe in the upcoming months. ThatGuy will compete at Insomnia 57 and sAywe and TechnoGoose will compete at Copenhagen Games. Moreover, the CS:GO team will compete at Gamers Assembly 2016 and Namshar will travel to a yet to be decided event in late March.


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