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After recruting three koreans Dead Pixels went back to the old continents and found a young talented player. The entire team welcomes Majestic !

Majestic is a 17 year old Protoss player, after having played for GIANTS! and mousesports, he decided to join the Swiss team Dead Pixels. During is career as pro player Majestic won the Gamergy, 3 : 0 against one of the best european Zerg player Vortix. He also represented his country at the NationWars. We are sure he will learn a lot from his experienced teammates and will soon rise and shine on the european scene.

You can follow dPix.Majestic on his Twitter


Little interview with Majestic.

Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Miguel, I am 17 years old and I live in Valencia, Spain. I am a Protoss StarCraft 2 proplayer and my nickname is Majestic.

At what age did you start to play video games?

I started to play at the age of 6 years old.

Which was your first video game?

Mario Bros game.

When did you start playing SC2?

3 years ago I saw a RTS game that looked similar to WC3 ( I played some WC3 games when I was 10 years old) and so I decided to buy StarCraft 2 and started to play it. Finally 2 years ago I started to play just StarCraft 2, this was the first step on the way to be the best version of myself.

Did you ever thought you would earn money by playing video games?

No and even now I never think eSports as a thing to earn some money, the money it’s just a good extra motivation.

Why have you decided to join Dead Pixels?

Dead Pixels is a good option to grow up as a player, I can learn so much with a good protoss player like Patience and the other players are also good. The team can give me the support that I want. I would like to pay off the confidence that they put in me with showing results now.

What do you know about Switzerland?

It’s a european country with good cheese, mountains and banks ^^. I would like to visit Switzerland soon.

Are you looking forward to practice with your teammates?

Yes, Patience has given me some replays and when they stay in Europe I would like to test how good Koreans are :). I need to get better if I want to have a good level against people like Fantasy, but I’m currently improving a lot.

What are your objectives for 2015?

WCS, Dreamhack Valencia and win others Spanish championships.

A message for the fans?

Thanks for the support and I’m training hard to don’t disappoint you. All the support gestures are really thankful.


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